MYFX Markets Cash-back Bonus 50% and Forex Bonus 100%

In the competitive realm of online trading, brokers often introduce enticing incentives to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Among such incentives, bonus schemes stand out as particularly appealing, offering traders the opportunity to enhance their trading capital and, by extension, their potential profits. MYFX Markets, recognizing the appeal of such incentives, has introduced two notable bonus schemes: a 50% Cash-back Bonus and a 100% Forex Bonus. This article delves into the details of these bonus offers, examining their features, benefits, and the fine print, to provide traders with a comprehensive understanding of what MYFX Markets is bringing to the table.

Introduction to MYFX Markets Bonus Schemes

MYFX Markets has strategically positioned itself within the forex trading industry by not only offering competitive trading conditions but also by rolling out bonus schemes that are both attractive and practical. The 50% Cash-back Bonus is designed to reward traders by giving back a portion of the spread costs incurred during trading, effectively lowering the cost of trading transactions. On the other hand, the 100% Forex Bonus is aimed at doubling the trading capital of traders when they deposit funds into their trading account, thereby enhancing their leverage and potential trading volume.

50% Cash-back Bonus

The 50% Cash-back Bonus is a unique offer that seeks to lighten the financial load on traders by refunding them half of the spread costs on their trades. This initiative not only incentivizes trading but also demonstrates MYFX Markets' commitment to offering value beyond just competitive spreads and leverage.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cost Reduction: Traders can benefit from reduced trading costs, as 50% of the spread fees are returned to them.

  • Unlimited Earnings: There is no cap on the amount that can be earned through this cash-back bonus, providing traders with continuous incentives.

  • Immediate Availability: The cash-back amount is credited to the trader’s account promptly, offering immediate additional liquidity.


  • Eligibility Criteria: Traders should review the eligibility criteria carefully, as certain types of trades or instruments may not qualify for the cash-back bonus.

  • Withdrawal Conditions: It’s important to understand the terms associated with withdrawing the cash-back earnings, as there may be specific requirements to meet.

100% Forex Bonus

Doubling down on incentives, the 100% Forex Bonus effectively doubles the deposit made by traders into their MYFX Markets trading account. This bonus is especially beneficial for new traders looking to start with a more substantial capital base or experienced traders aiming to increase their trading volume.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Capital Boost: Traders receive an instant capital boost, doubling their available trading funds.

  • Enhanced Trading Opportunities: With more capital, traders can increase their position sizes or diversify their trading strategies.

  • Flexibility: The bonus applies to all deposits over a specified minimum amount, providing flexibility in funding.


  • Trading Volume Requirements: To withdraw profits generated from the bonus, traders may need to meet certain trading volume requirements.

  • Expiration: The bonus might have an expiration date, after which unused bonus funds could be withdrawn by MYFX Markets.

Navigating the Fine Print

While these bonus schemes offer significant benefits, traders should carefully navigate the terms and conditions associated with each. Understanding the qualifying criteria, withdrawal conditions, and any potential limitations is crucial to fully benefit from these offers.


MYFX Markets’ introduction of the 50% Cash-back Bonus and 100% Forex Bonus reflects its dedication to providing traders with value-added services that extend beyond the trading platform. These bonuses offer tangible benefits that can enhance the trading experience, reduce costs, and increase potential profits. However, as with all financial incentives, it's imperative for traders to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions to maximize the benefits while minimizing any potential drawbacks. With these enticing offers, MYFX Markets continues to assert its position as a broker that looks out for its clients' interests, aiming to foster a more profitable and engaging trading environment.